I Feel Happy

Six weeks ago, I went out dancing Friday night, Saturday afternoon, and Sunday night. I also went running two of those days, and I went running Monday. Fifteen years ago, when I was struggling with stress fractures, I was sent to a sports clinic where I learned to diminish injury by not placing impact on the body for more than three days in a row.

I knew I was over doing it, and I had a feeling my body would break down in some way; I just hoped it would not be serious. Sports injuries are frustrating because they happen to people who like to move, and often, the treatment is to rest. For me, those rest periods have been six weeks from stress fractures to over eight months with both my sciatica and a torn hamstring.

I have felt so good physically this year that one of my fears was that I would injure myself and have to cease activity once again.

On the Monday that I went running, my left hip hurt, but I ignored it, despite that nagging voice in my head telling me not to.

The run felt good, but the pain worsened.

So, I took a break from running, I modified my dance style to put less stress on my left hip, and I made appointments with my doctor and physio therapist.

I had a feeling that it was not going to be as serious as my past injuries because walking did not hurt; it just hurt to sit down and during impact.

Fortunately, I was right.

My diagnosis was that I stressed the lateral rotator muscles in my hip, and it would only take about a month to heal. In the meantime, I did not have to rest entirely; I was encouraged to keep walking, and I could still dance as long as I avoided stressing my hip too much.

I have kept up with the core exercises I learned when I had sciatica, and I have kept up with my leg exercises when I damaged my hamstring. Now, I have exercises to strengthen my lateral rotator muscles. In addition, I do breathing exercises that I learned in voice lessons that help keep me calm. Every second day, it takes me three episodes of The Office to get through them all; on the other days, it only takes one episode.

I started running again two weeks. The first time, I was only allowed to run for five minutes. Then I was able to increase it by five minutes each time as long as the pain did not worsen. A week ago, I ran for twenty minutes, and I felt fine. I took a break for five days while I was sailing on the west coast with my parents and two younger daughters. Now that I am back, I will start at ten minutes then increase from there.

In addition, I went for Intramuscular Stimulation (IMS) treatments. It’s kind of like acupuncture except the needles go into the muscle. It hurts, but it stimulates the muscles, resetting them, so they can be strong again. I firmly believe that without it, my sciatica and hamstring would never have been cured. Because I have responded well to IMS in the past, my physio therapist started treatments right away.

To deal with the pain from my injury and IMS, I drank more red wine than I usually do.

Writing a blog while drinking too much is not a good idea.

My last blog was sloppy and went off on tangents. When I realized what I had done, I edited out the sloppiness and the tangents.

I might come back to those tangents some other time.

In the meantime, I finished my IMS treatments a week ago, and my pain is completely gone. Soon I will be able to run 8K again, and I have more exercises to make me stronger which should help to prevent more serious injuries later on in life. In addition, I am learning to relax more.

I have an amazing voice teacher who has a Zen approach to singing and to life. She has taught me to trust in myself, to be mindful, and to not work so hard to make things happen. As a result, I feel more present, time has slowed down, I feel comfortable with my life, and I feel happy.


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