Weight Gained, Weight Lost

Weight Gained: 20 lbs.

In the fall of 2015, I went for an 8K run, and I felt some pain in the back of my leg. I ignored it, thinking I had just strained my muscle, and I continued my run. The next day, the pain was still there, and I panicked, thinking my sciatica from a few years earlier had returned.

I went back to physio therapy, without seeing a doctor (too busy), I stopped running, and I resumed my core strengthening exercises.

By February, I was still in pain, and with some prompting from my physio therapist, I finally decided to go see my doctor. As it turned out, my sciatica had not returned; instead, I pulled my hamstring. I was prescribed a topical pain medication, and my physio therapist added exercises to strengthen my hamstring, as well as acupuncture and Intramuscular Stimulation (IMS).

It took me a few weeks to fill my prescription; and when I applied it, I broke out in hives. I went back to my doctor, and I was prescribed Amcinonide, a topical corticosteroid.

At the time, I was unaware I was allergic to class A and B topical corticosteroids. All skin exposed to the cream (my hands and both my thighs due to sleeping in shorts) broke into a rash that within a few days blistered and spread all the way down my inner legs.

I was in Las Vegas at the time, and I went to a clinic where I was prescribed Prednisone. For four weeks, I was on a high dosage, and I wore the same yoga pants every day as my skin scabbed, flaked off, and healed.

It took another two weeks to wean off Prednisone, a horrible but effective drug.

Through all the inactivity and medication, I ended up 20 lbs. overweight.


Weight Lost: 40 lbs.

I was able to start running again, but just for ten minutes at a time, and I was given a strict schedule to follow, so I would not reinjure myself. The only way I could lose weight was by changing my eating habits which included daily sugary chai tea lattes, Coca-Cola, alcohol, and sweets, as well as eating too much at supper and snacking in the evenings.

So, I came up with a plan.

The first thing I did was buy some pretty clothes. I know it seems counterintuitive while trying to lose weight, but I wanted to feel good about myself just the way I was.

Then I waited until summer, and I came up with a list of gradual changes for my eating habits, along with a game I created with myself: I would weigh myself once a week, and if I did not lose at least one pound, I would make one change.

Here is my list:

  1. Give up hard alcohol
  2. Substitute sugary Chai Tea Lattes with London Fog sweetened with just a small amount of honey
  3. Substitute Coca-Cola with non-caffeinated pop
  4. Give up all carbonated drinks
  5. Stop eating sugary foods
  6. Only take one plateful at supper, and eat slowly
  7. Stop snacking in the evenings
  8. Give up red wine

In the meantime, I ate a lot of vegetables, as well as eggs, fish, and some chicken. I also continued with my physio therapy exercises, and I was gradually increasing my running.

I lost weight with each change, except when I gave up Coca-Cola (I gained two pounds), but I knew that would happen. It was more of a step in giving up carbonated drinks. In the end, I did not have to give up red wine to lose weight.

By October, I lost 15 lbs.

Then my marriage ended, everything went crazy, and I did not feel like eating as much.

As a result, I lost another 25 lbs.

I feel healthy, and the weight loss has made running easier and more fun. I now deviate from my list every now and then, but overall, I have developed good eating habits. And, it was not too difficult.





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