Welcome to my site: Fear Less, Single Mom

I have recently found myself single after eleven years of marriage (well, twenty-one years if you count my first marriage). I’m in my mid-forties, and I have five wonderful, vivacious daughters: three in university and two in early elementary, who all live with me.

There have been some challenges over the past few weeks: I forgot about my eight year old daughter’s friend’s birthday party, and I have two bins of laundry for the younger girls that they dig through every morning because I have not gotten around to putting it away.

Aside from that, overall, I am doing well. I have a glass or two of red wine pretty much every day, I run every second day and relish the high it provides, and I have returned to the original love of my life: Mr. Jon Bon Jovi.

I created this blog to embrace my fears by challenging myself to do what scares me. So, what scares me? Spiders of course, as well as public speaking and displaying any kind of art form in public including my writing (horrible anxiety issues that I need to deal with).

But my greatest fear is realizing that I am not quite half way through my life (hopefully–shooting beyond a hundred), and I don’t want to get to the end only to discover that I played everything too safe by confining myself to a monotonous existence.

This weekend, my younger girls are away at their father’s place for the first time, and I’ve already gotten into the wine, so tonight I am going to listen to music and dance. Tomorrow, I am going to devote respect to our veterans by participating in ceremonies and visiting the grave site of my grandfather, Charles Schneck (the most handsome man to grace our good Earth). He went to war when he was a teenager, was a POW, suffered from TB due to the awful conditions he lived in, coped with PTSD, and died at the age of 53 from a heart attack. Now that’s service to our country.

Then I am going to lock myself away in my office (without my red wine) and complete the final edit of a novel I have been working on for the past two years. So, here’s to life and embracing fears.

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